Cool features to have you falling in love with fitness.
At TryFitness® we have 10+ years of fitness experience, Sport & Exercise Science qualifications; & create custom programs to get you moving.
Whether you want to reduce weight, build muscle, tone up or love your routine. We're here to help.
No contracts
Custom Routines
Your exercise routines are tailor-made to your goals so as you progress, so do your workouts. Your fitness plan will never feel stale.
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Track and Measure
Tracking your progress is easy. Our interactive charts show you how awesome you are doing and how far you have come.
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No Contracts
You don't need contracts to stay healthy and active. We don't need them either at TryFitness.
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Video Library
All of the exercises in your workout come with a demonstration video. We will help you to master them all.
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14 Day Free Trial
A 2 week period so you can see what we are all about and a great chance to see how well we will work together.
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Interactive Platform
Record your progress, review your workout history, and access a personal trainer to help you train more effectively to reach your fitness goals.
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Professional Trainers
Each program is designed by your own PT. Need help? Time to progress? We're here every step of the way.
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Meal Archive
To help you on your journey we have created a whole arsenal of meals in our blog. Healthy food is delicious too.
  • Workout routines directly to your phone
    Workout anytime anywhere
    Our fitness app helps provide you with all the tools to fall in love with fitness and to achieve your fitness goals and beyond.

    The fully interactive app allows you to add comments to your workouts, track results, chat directly to our team of personal trainers.
  • Monitor your progress
    Complete goal history
    Keep details of your goals history and plot your fitness trajectory with the help of our personal trainers.

    This interactive platform and our charts make the information simple to read and show you exactly what you need to aim for or how far you have come.
  • Your personal trainer in your hand
    Fitness is for everyone
    TryFitness is here to break down the barriers to leading a healthy lifestyle. We believe everyone should have access to resources that enable and encourage healthy living.

    Physical fitness is a huge aspect of overall wellbeing and with TryFitness you get access to your own personal trainer from anywhere.
  • Fresh workouts
    Keeping you moving
    With detailed videos demonstrating every exercise you'll quickly know how to get started.

    Ask us questions, post comments, or send your trainer a picture or video of your technique. We will make sure you're on the right track towards your fitness goals.
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For such a low price, Dean really does go above and beyond in helping you as an individual to reach your goals. The workouts are tailored, and they check in when a workout has been missed on more than 1 occasion ????. 12/10, excellent service!
Miles Davis Keesha Geyer
star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full
Amazing. Helpful to adjust your needs. Useful. I enjoy because i was struggling on my own. With this app, help me follow the right paths, goal, set routine, help well-being improve better. Dean goes above and beyond to support when need.
Miles Davis Candice David
star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full
my personal trainer dean has helped me alot of reaching my goals! am seeing a lot of results working out with try fitness!
Miles Davis Kiara Forbes
star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full
Can I say Dean you are the best trainer, so caring and always there for me. Your communication is the BEST!!! Thank you so much
Such a great app & workout to have if you are a busy mum, a busy business owner, own 2dogs, and cannot find the time to go to the gym! Go for it! Get it now!
Miles Davis Jaclyn Lara King
Healthy meal plans & nutrition + lifestyle blog
Check out our FREE nutrition and lifestyle blog. We are going to help you help you get to your fitness goal
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Making personal training available for everyone.
Being healthy, happy and fit doesn’t have to be expensive. Get access to your own personal trainer today. With TryFitness® you will never quit your fitness routine. Get started and talk to our team about your fitness goals.
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Let´s spread the joy of exercise so that no child is left behind
TryFitness are proud supporters of Children's sports charities and donates 10% of all membership proceeds to help the healthy development of all children.