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Sep 05, 2020
Healthy Drinks

Healthy Drinks

The benefits of choosing to load your body with the right liquids can be revolutionary in your daily life. They can be instrumental when you are sick or key to reaching your goals. As with anything, there are things we should load up on and things we should avoid, or have very little of, most things are about balance. 

Not drinking enough water is one of the most common errors made by us humans, which seems a little crazy to say we are roughly 60% made of the stuff. Not staying hydrated can lead to all sorts of issues from simple things like fatigue to more serious internal issues with vital organs like the kidneys. For some reason we just find it hard, so we have designed some clever ways to help with that, plus most of the drinks also have bonus health benefits, we really are spoiling you.


There are certain drinks that if our bodies are truly temples, we should never consume, but here at Try Fitness we are realists and we know that life is pain without treats so we avoid the word never and say “try to avoid”. We are talking about the fizzy’s, the cordials, etc. We know they are delicious but the sugar is really bad for you so we have got a list of easy to make substitutes like our “Infused Flavoured Water” for you to try to make the lifestyle choice an easier one to maintain.

General Wellness

So many amazing benefits to your health can be gained from creating awesome little concoctions using nature's finest ingredients. We have compiled a list of magic potions that will help you with a range of things from a case of the sniffles to helping with inflammation, one example is our “Immunity Tonic”. Healthy as and they are all absolutely delicious to keep you coming back for more.

Digestion and Gut Health

We are blessed by nature to have many things that aid us with our internal health and digestion is such an important part of this. It plays a part in our metabolisms, whether we feel bloated, transferring nutrients around the body efficiently, etc. Safe to say, optimising your internal works will pay dividends in your external world. Check out our blog dedicated to this here, “Digestion blog”, or look ahead for our individual recipes.
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